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  • Monday ,21 July 2014

Against Sisi or Against Egypt?

Magdy Malak

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Monday ,21 July 2014

Against Sisi or Against Egypt?

Everyday the Muslim Brotherhood commits a lot of crimes. While I was thinking about all of these crimes I wanted to ask them this question, "Are you against Sisi, or against Egypt? Do you want to destroy Egypt or destroy Sisi?" 


Muslim Brotherhood, if you are against Sisi, why did you destroy Egyptian infrastructure? Everyday you explode or destroy an electrical station or a call center building. How would that destroy Sisi? Furthermore, how do you intend to rebuild the country after you get what you want?


If the Muslim Brotherhood continues in this way, it means that they are destroying Egypt not Sisi. I imagine what it would be like if they continued to be in power for the next 3 years, what would happen if the next election came and they refused to leave the authority!!!??


Libya, Iraq and Syria is a sample of what could happen if the Muslim Brotherhood continued in this way. Everyday the Muslim Brotherhood proves that Egyptians were mistaken to choose them and regret to let them be in power for one year. 


I call on the Muslim Brotherhood to review themselves before the time is over and before Egyptians start to not just fight them but persecute them. I call on them to stop this violence and start to be involved in normal life and give the Egyptians a chance to develop themselves and go forward.