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  • Monday ,21 July 2014

History III

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,21 July 2014

History III
As I continue reading History, influenced with a Ramadan Soap Best Friends or precisely world to word translation “Life Friend” pointing to R.I.P. both Nasser and his best mate Amer! 
I was too young but I still recall some vital events in this period, I recall after the famous 6 hours war on Monday 5th. June 1967, Nasser announcing our defeat on the following Friday 9 June 1967, and stepping down from the presidency sit! I recall how the people of Egypt, rejected the defeat, and decided to stand up with their all time national hero Jamal Abdul Nasser, asking him to stay president and withdraw his resignation! R.I.P. Sadat, and the then National Assembly which become temporarily in power while no president with Nasser’s resignation in effect, they officially requested from Nasser to remain in power as per people demand who come waves and waves in marches from the National Assembly headquarters on Kasr El Eni street really close to where I used to live at the corner of that street with El Tahrir Street, over viewing the famous Tahrir Square which made me see and live many events life upon their happening! I saw similar demonstrations to Nasser recall on power, once accepted by Nasser who remained on power as per people request, for Ex-Marshal and beloved revolution symbol number 2 Abd El Hakim Amer, he was always the shadow of Nasser with him equally loved and respected, both of them with the rest of the free officers of the 23td. July revolution from Salah Salem –R.I.P.- to Zakarya, Sadat, and the rest of the free officers who never got or received same amount of love and symbolism like Nasser, and Amer!
In this section I’m not reading history, but on my own responsibility record historical events I saw with my own eyes, same people who rejected Nasser’s resignation demanding the return of Amer to his usual powers that he was stripped off as of June 11, 1967 and put under restrict guarded custody in his own house! I recall too how the national assembly which responded to the people desire to keep Nasser in power, they never responded to those demonstration requesting the return of Amer –R.I.P. - neither his best life friend ever mentioned anything about it till the day he was announced dead by suicide! Rumors said then he was assassinated never suicide! Until today this remained a black spot to me never really attempted to confirm or negate the clams of a direct relative to –R.I.P. - Amer who happen to be a class mate of my sister! To me I considered it as a natural rejection of a relative to the idea that he did suicide that would be somehow a confirmation of his responsibility of the June 1967 defeat!
However, today I decided once and for all to find out what history tells us about Abd El Hakim Amer mysterious death!
On my research I found YouTube clips confirming Amer assassination, some clips look suspicious as all of them were produced by Al Jezira news network, to me they lost their authenticity, new or old should be reviewed but facts are above any and all propaganda! 
Fact number 1, Amer said suicide as a remorse of the 5/6/67 defeat, this remorse took way too long to act or activate! Defeated leaders suicide on the spot the moment they did realize their defeat not 101 days later on 14/9/1967!
Fact number 2, if it was not a suicide, or doubts about a suicide had raised how come his best ever friend never asked for an official investigation!
Fact number 3 how come years after the event when almost becomes history the new then President R.I.P. Sadat ordered an investigation to be conducted?
All three facts point to one unique conclusion Amer death was not a suicide! If assassination took place was it with the knowledge and consent of his best ever friend?
All I try to do here is not prosecute or judge ex-president Nasser, just a simple analysis to learn from his errors and mistakes so that we can avoid falling to the same set of errors and mistakes. Nasser never meant to be a dictator, with all good free will he created a board of directors from all his best friends and companions who fought next to him with him all fights! They were supposed to participate and help in the decision making, however they failed to be associates, and they remained just observers discussed a lot but when it come to decision making they never got the guts to make it they waited on Nasser judgments and decisions!
I cannot blame Nasser feeling like a father to all Egyptians taking care like a good father of all his sons and daughters, I can only blame his associates who failed to even advise him the right advise, the best they did at crisis times was resign like the countless resignations of Amer upon the worst times of United Arab Republic which lead to the separation of two soul mates! Lots of times, different members of the board of directors presented their resignation when they did feel they had no real role in any decision making which embarrassed Nasser, should this resignation be seen as a division inside the board of directors if directors are divided within themselves how possibly they can unify people to clear and present dangers surrounded Egypt since ever?
Unfortunately, Nasser was forced into a dictatorship leadership when his comrades and associates failed to provide alternative solutions or even oppose decisions out of fear or luck of alternatives, then they did feel like useless when they had like the rest of the Egyptians to accept decisions they did not truly participate in their birth!
People of Egypt end up in a complete loss of path, the assembly general and the parliament had no clear objectives, the leaders had lost their path trying to follow the strategy of Nasser who had an extended view not available to public servants, and as a chess player would never expose his objectives or strategy!
Bottom line, in this section of the history reading, is the red lines that lead to dictatorship of Nasser, all mates were unable to help or advise, we need to learn this lesson well if we really want a better tomorrow. Good intentions are not enough for a better tomorrow, we all, and mean it ALL need to be a part of it, the poorest guy opinion is as valuable as the one of the richest guy, there is no big and small we are all equal citizens enjoying or suffering from the same situation so we are all associates in the decision making.
I might interrupt my history reading lessons, as I see and hear lots of bloody events in Gaza, or Ukraine, Libya or Iraq even Egypt suffered the loss of 21 solders that I can only wish them to Rest In Peace in a better peaceful environment as the love of power had blinded lots of people all over the world, and until the power of Love overcomes the love of power I wish you all a Peaceful day may God keep blessing Egypt and Egyptians.