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  • Tuesday ,01 July 2014

American and Political islam

By-Tarek Heggy

Short But Not Sweet


Tuesday ,01 July 2014

American and Political islam
One day, I was confident that Peace would prevail in the Middle East during my life and we would have the Arab/Israeli conflict behind us.  How mistaken I was ! None of the parties of this conflict has been a peace seeker. While the Palestinians are tragically scattered, the religious Jews (in and out Israel) are intellectually far from the notion of co-existence that would be based on a just-settlement  ... What a tragedy !  Another farce is that I once thought that the USA is in favor of a modern Arabic speaking ME !! If someone told me 20 years ago that the USA would be supportive to the rule of the MBs in Egypt, I would have thought that he/she can not be but but an insane person. As a result of these farces, we have to fight many parties including those whom we thought to be our strategic partners ! These realities urge me to think of "how king Hussein of Makkah felt when he realized how he was betrayed by those that he thought could not side with his Wahhabi enemy Abdul Aziz ibn Saud ! The difference between us and the poor King Hussein of Makkah is named Abdel Fattah el Sisi  !