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  • Friday ,27 June 2014

Sexual and political harassment

Suleiman Shafik

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Friday ,27 June 2014

Sexual and political harassment

Our women had performed great role during the revolution of January 25 and the revolution of June 30. Thus, some sadists have decided to humiliate our great women and sexually harass them in the streets.

The Copts have accepted burning their churches and looting their properties for the sake of their country. Therefore, some grudgers decided to oppress and humiliate the Copts, especially those who supported Hamdeen Sabahi in the presidential elections. Those grudgers forgot that president Abudl Fahtah al-Sisi has himself thanked Sabahi for being a good rival in the presidential elections. They also try to connect some Coptic unions, namely Maspero Youth Union, to the terrorists.

Of course, Maspero Youth Union doesn't need somebody to defend them as their patriotism and loyalty are unquestionable. In fact, the union invited its members to vote in the presidential elections and vote for whoever they like.

I believe that the new regime appreciates Maspero Youth Union as its general coordinator, Dr. Mina Magdy, was officially invited to the presidential palace for dialogue along with other unions and organizations. Such initiatives reflected mutual desire to reconciliation. However, some people decided to ruin this chance to solve the argument between Maspero Youth Union, the Church, and the state.

Later, the union issued a statement to congratulate al-Sisi on his victory in the presidential elections. But those grudgers, making their minds to attack the Copts, claimed they have ignored the martyrs at Maspero by such congratulatory message.

Therefore, I invite Maspero Youth Union to cooperate and reconcile with the state and the church. It's time to ignore such attempts to ignite arguments and disagreements. They should get ready to participate in the political platform in Egypt through the parliamentary elections ignore such political harassment and start real reconciliation for the sake of Egypt and the Coptic Church.