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  • Wednesday ,25 June 2014

International outrage at Egypt court decisions


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Wednesday ,25 June 2014

International outrage at Egypt court decisions

International outrage at Egypt’s crackdown on dissent has grown on Monday.

High level United Nations officials have condemned the sentencing in Egypt of three Al Jazeera journalists to lengthy prison sentences and the death sentences handed down to 183 Muslim Brotherhood members and supporters.
“The Secretary-General is deeply concerned by recent court decisions in Egypt, particularly the death sentences for 183 people and the sentencing journalists from Al Jazeera to lengthy jail terms, proceedings that clearly appear not to meet the basic fair trial standards,” said Stephan Dujarric, spokesperson for United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon.
The verdict has been criticised by leaders across the globe.
US Secretary of State John Kerry called the the courts decision “chilling” and “draconian”.
Britain, Australia and the Netherlands have all summoned their respective Egyptian ambassadors to explain the sentences.