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  • Tuesday ,24 June 2014

Coptic Discourse... theological approach

Kamal Zakher Moussa

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Tuesday ,24 June 2014

Coptic Discourse... theological approach

Coptic Christian discourse has always been based on reconciliation between God and men, and among people. This is how Christianity has been spreading peace all over the world and this is the way Christians accept diversity and plurality. This way Christians were able to turn values of love, compassion, tolerance and forgiveness to daily practices.

For decades, extremists have tried to change the Egyptian identity and values to accept terrorization and marginalization of the others.

Thus, many religious leaders have deceived the simpletons leading them to seek miracles and dream about the other life forgeting about their miserable reality.

Furthermore, the simpletons have been also deceived by superficial practices of the religion and were educated that appearance is more important than reality!

Hatred has been incited by clergy for holy reasons! However, it's time to change such nonsense and reconsider this matter.

The church has to change its religious discourse in Sunday schools and theological schools as well. We may benefit from teachers from Egyptian universities to teach philosophy,  sociology, management, economics, law, etc.

It should also encourage positive engagement with community and family. 

I pray that Egypt's Council of Churches do something to change the Coptic Christian discourse and offer a great chance to reconcile with God, ourselves, and our community. Therefore, we are ambassadors for Christ inviting other people to reconciliation.