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  • Friday ,20 June 2014

Copts before Egyptian courts

By-Ashraf Helmy

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Friday ,20 June 2014

Copts before Egyptian courts

The Egyptian judiciary and the terrorist group of Daash have something in common, as both of them are terrorizing the Copts. It's known that the judiciary is penetrated since Mubarak's regime. It was even more penetrated under Morsy's regime. In spite of the wide participation of the Copts in the revolution of June 30, they still suffer under the auspices of the state.
The newly elected President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, who’s currently building the new Egypt, has to clean it of supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood inside the police and judiciary. Those supporters are being the hidden hand to punish opposes of the terrorist group, especially the Copts.

 It is known to all Egyptians that the Coptic Christians have refused the American proposal to protect the Copts and use them as one reason to manipulate Egypt and interfere in its internal affairs. However, they were extremely persecuted, killed and displaced in dozens of sectarian incidents before and after the revolution.

Recently, Demiana Abdul Nour, Coptic teacher, was sentenced to 6 months in prison after she appealed against former judgment to fine her 100.000 LE, which is against the Egyptian law and reflects the persecution of the Copts in Egypt. It’s a message to the Copts who want to appeal before the Egyptian judiciary in the future that the appeal may bring even worse judgment! Will the president let the Salafists and Muslim Brotherhood persecute the Copts and incite many sectarian incidents and ignite the situation in Egypt once again? What will the president do to save the Copts, I hope he can help.

I ask the president to intervene to stop such farce by the Islamists in police and judiciary. They aim to restore the former ugly situation which they succeeded to after inciting sectarian incidents in Mataria last week and ruling against Demiana Abdul Nour as well. The president and the government have unique chance to restore Egypt and save her from those who belong to terrorist group.