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  • Monday ,16 June 2014

Military Power

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,16 June 2014

Military Power

Long ago early 70’s someone I know used to work for a medical entity, and suddenly there was the boom his sells commissions sky hi he got not just one but two wealthy superrich customers who decided to construct not 1 or 2 hospitals but many! Hospital equipment compared to private clinics equipment is just like someone building a castle on the sands of the desert facing Khufu great pyramid!
It was really the greatest ever times of this guy, cause like things started suddenly ended brutally, and these 2 wealthy customers who were building not just 1 or two hospitals but many of them were none other Iraq and Iran! 70’s where still peaceful, but plans were going on building hospitals meant they expect lot of sick people, or INJURED but why?
You must have concluded by now why those hospitals, it was getting ready for a super power show between Iraq and Iran! I do not recall how this game ended but I remember that long lasting game of rocket here then rocket there, Egypt supported and supplied Iraq with some of those rockets! Iraq was for Arabia Saudi kingdom and many neighbours in the golf the security protective wall from an Iranian invasion!
Iran as a superpower developing nuclear powers was and still a threat, but no one intended to confront,  not even their traditional announced enemy Israel, but why? I mean, why Israel would be an enemy to Iran? They did not cut off a piece of land from Iran they even supplied the Iranian Islamic revolution against the Shah with weapons made in Israel delivered as USA made weapons, via USA authorities and with their blessings!
I’m neither a politician nor strategic analyst, just a history reader who tries to understand why those under the table continuous conspiracies! Late nineties there was the Lebanon  civil war ignited by the presence of Palestinian refugees and fighters who pretended being part of the resistance but their resistance was diverted from Israel to Lebanon politicians and civil citizens and the mayhems included everyone fights against everyone, Lebanese people fight Palestinians, but mean while each other, Palestinians the same, Muslims Lebanese fight Christians Lebanese but mean time they do kill Muslims as well and so no, every one kills anyone! It was a pure craziness that apparently had reached a peaceful solution but facts shows and Iranian –religious- hand with the formation of Hezb Allah that clearly said it we are Iran in Lebanon! Again WHY?
As an old Internet user who happen to be part of my job as Information Technologist I had many Internet –imaginary- friends or in that unrealistic hyper world a lot of people make jokes about it ignoring that behind any computer or laptop there is a real human being! Yes, I can setup a program to send you mail, and links on my behalf without even knowing it sends it were, but if I chat and talk I need to be there and this means you chat with another person not a machine! It is just like auto responders, a recording welcomes you and put your call on hold but you end up talking to a real person!
Late 2007 I was approached via e-mails by Hazb Allah asking me to join my Egyptian co-citizens and stand up against the then president Mubarak! I furiously responded “This is a pure Egyptian matter I do not see what Lebanon or Iran has to do with it”... after I hit the send button I gave it a second thought, this really might be a program not a specific person send ding this so I put the sender in my black list and never heard of him again but this is an indicator that clearly points to Internet being used to prepare the public opinion or otherwise stating Internet technology become a strategic weapon to prepare the grounds, that is why Obama was upset from Mubarak’s decision and black out of Internet upon the events of January/ February 2011! But once more I wonder WHY? Why Obama wanted Morsy to sit on Mubarak’s sit? What was there for Obama? Life taught me there is nothing for nothing!
As I was hearing over the TV the broadcasted defence speech of one of the layers in Mubarak’s case today, he did not really say anything new; the new to me was the techniques used to execute the conspiracy! I recall an argument between a policeman and a woman her husband died in front of her, he was trying to convince her his only choices were either to die or shoot to kill in self-defence, the lady replied, this is a lie we were standing peacefully unarmed when the police force suddenly started shooting on us! Was it really a police force? I know this lady will never believe but what her own eyes saw, someone wearing police uniform shut and killed her husband! Same image jumped in to my mind that crazy Tanks driver running over the bodies of people in Maspero massacre and Mina Daniel! People said then Tantawi –who said and I believe him- Egyptian solders will never point the gun to another Egyptian, however a lot of people said then –and still- his hands are full of Egyptian blood!
Ok, now it is time to gather back the pieces of the scattered picture to have a clearer view; The unanswered why’s from Iran, Lebanon, Iraq war, Civil Syrian fights and many more excluding Egypt, leads to one end clearly seen and announced couple of days ago, DAESH fighters taking over control and imposing the Islamic state while a clear uncertainty shows in conflicting comments of politicians some clam out Iranian boarders become wide open, while others say Iraq Army still in control defending Bagdad, it was said Iraq Solders fled the fight while people decided to fight and resist invasion, Obama calmly gives orders to Iraq president to improve his performance before expecting any USA support, while other Iraq political leaders clam this will cause a huge instability in the region where is the truth?
Only one conclusion the Iraq Army, one of the 2 major forces in the region is OVER not any more major or minor, just some fled away scared solders! Thank you Marshal –President- Abd el Fatah El Sisi our army still one whole piece but for how long? Obviously plan A (Morsy in the presidency sit) failed then plan B is on –subdivide Egyptian Army fighting Hamas, and Qaeda and terrorism all over Egypt, did not work well so now PLAN C and D support Libya fighting terrorism and Iraq fighting Daesh!
Bottom line the region cannot have North of Sudan stronger than the south, North of Yamen taking control over its south, Assad gaining back unity and pulling out of the trap they tried to pull him in it, no one should be stronger than the other they should all remain segmented broken weak entities! And the best of all Israel watches the people that said they will through them in the SEA in a few hours and let the sea swallow Israel, killing each other and leaving them in peace develop their country and give more to humanity in terms of technology and new improvements or innovations!
People of Egypt failed plan A, B, ... does not mean you won or the war is over there will always be a plan C then D .... You have a major task you need to take back Egypt on its feet built a better tomorrow and be there one unity to defend this country against all plans and conspiracies!!
May God keep blessing Egypt and Egyptians!