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  • Wednesday ,11 June 2014


Mina M. Azer

Article Of The Day


Wednesday ,11 June 2014


It was not a mere coincidence that 22 years after the great Egyptian thinker Farag Fouda was assassinated by terrorists who adopt the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood, president Abdul Fattah al-Sisi came in office and officially received power at the same day, June 8th.  At that very day, Egypt has celebrated the removal of those terrorists from power and Farag was truly avenged.

It's also no wonder that leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood returned to the same prisons they left three years ago, as this is where they really belong to as well as all their supporters and fans.

The two young terrorists who killed Farag were not the true killers but rather those who incited his murder and brainwashed them.

Therefore, president al-Sisi who came as the seventh president in Egypt promised to eliminate terrorism and build a new country. He also promised to spread security in the region as well as culture and art.

In short, science and culture are the two weapons held by the new president of Egypt to eliminate retardation and terrorism as well.