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  • Tuesday ,10 June 2014

Egypt's in great danger

Michel Fahmy

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Tuesday ,10 June 2014

Egypt's in great danger

Egypt is in great danger with our crazy media and betrayals of human rights organizations. Thus, true Egyptian people have decided to put the road map in order to save their future supported by the armed forces, police and judicial system.

After drafting the constitution, the Egyptian people decided to start with the presidential elections to stop many schemes supported by enemies of Egypt and carried out by revolutionary youth and human rights activists who betray their country for money.

Among such mess, Egypt decided to get rid of the chaos by electing Abdul Fattah al-Sisi. However, some sick voices started to call once again for reconciliation with the terrorist group.

Now we can find annoying sounds like that one of Saad El Din Ibrahim and Seif El Yazal who call for reconciliation with the Muslim Brotherhood. Other annoying voices call for reconciliation with Qatar and Iran.

In fact, many people who claim being dissident from the group still adopt its ideology.

It should be known that the Muslim Brotherhood have overthrown king Farouk, tried to kill Nasser and assassinated Sadat. They also overthrew Mubarak. Yet, will the terrorist group be able to harm the new-elect president? I believe he will be able to overcome them by law enforcement. Furthermore, we should seek a media code of ethics at such critical  moments.