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  • Friday ,06 June 2014

Hard Start

Magdy Malak

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Friday ,06 June 2014

Hard Start

Egypt has great potential but needs  a lot of work that what I can describe briefly the status of Egypt and Egyptian people. When you get the chance to visit or see different community you might be frustrated of the Egyptian situation Especially in the Education.

Education in Egypt is a matter of life or death. Without starting with fixing the education, I believe nothing will change. Any country has a plan and rules. Rules you should keep to practice your education, you can’t practice without keep learning.

As a matter of fact Egypt lack many measures for education. Its an awful situation what we can see now comparing by other countries. I don’t want who read this article to be frustrated or depressed, what I’m trying to say is that we have to start to amend our education system as fast as we can.

All Egyptian ask why Egypt reached to that level, and now I Can answer easily because we lack of real education. Education doesn’t mean going to school or university. Education is to practice what have you been taught in your school or you university and to keep learning what’s the new.

I call Sisi to put education  as his first priority because without doing that Egypt will not be one step forward. Sisi has to seize the opportunity  to amend the education and I believe that Education will be great step toward the new Egypt we all wish.