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  • Thursday ,05 June 2014

Egyptian difficult tasks

Dr. Ahmed Al-Khamisi

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Thursday ,05 June 2014

Egyptian difficult tasks

The final result of the Egyptian presidential election was officially announced on June 3, declaring a landslide victory for Abdul Fattah al-Sisi, who won more than 23 million votes against about one million votes for his rival Hamdeen Sabahi.


In fact, those who voted for al-Sisi or Hamdeen were hoping for a president who can achieve their goals and solve their so many problems.


Those who support al-Sisi were voting for the man whom they think is able to achieve security and save the state from dozens of conspiracies They were after a strong military leader who is able to secure the Egyptian borders against terrorism and all schemes targeting Egypt.


On the other hand, those who voted for Hamdeen were voting for the man who promised to solve many economic and social problems. Problems of unemployment, education, housing and subsidized bread became more and more complicated causing increasing suffering of the poor in Egypt.


There was a joke saying that we may have two presidents: Hamdeen in the morning and al-Sisi at the evening, which is pointing out to the importance and dire need for security and social justice.


In all cases, the next president has many challenges before him. Many problems have to be solved without delay including security and social justice. However, the opposition has to perform its role and prove its existence by monitoring the regime in order to achieve the goals of our revolutions.