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  • Thursday ,05 June 2014

American think tank

By-Tarek Heggy



Thursday ,05 June 2014

American think tank

Many of the American journalists & think-tank researchers who described what happened in Egypt 11 months ago  (either our of the well-known American stupidity or maliciously) as a COUP, are now referring to what happened in Egypt between 30th June and 3rd July, 2013 as POPULAR COUP !! The same American narrow-mindness, ignorance and isolation-from-reality repeat themselves.

For me, it is another proof that those who have no history and no culture can not understand the world and its different characteristics. What happened during these glorious and golden days was that the majority of Egypt's people (with their peerless inherited heritage) made it patently clear that Egypt would not be ruled and governed by the atavistic Islamists.

Egypy army just joined the popular revolution of 33 million Egyptians. The extremely shallow American journalists and the USA think-tank researchers did not know what to do ! As slaves to the "dead terminology" they all stupidly sang : it is a coup ... it is nothing but a coup ! Eleven months later they get puzzled once again : 24 million Egyptians vote to the man that the brilliant USA thinkers (!!!!????) described as the leader of the Coup ! So, what the slaves of the "dead terminology" would do ?

The inventors of the junk-food would immediately find the solution ! they carve a new blind term, i.e. "The Popular Coup of 3rd July, 2013" !!! But is it really nothing but the well-known American stupidity ? I am not sure !  I have no doubt the historians will undeniably discover : what made the USA government(s) to support the MBs who are nothing but ruthless terrorists, backward minded and anti-modernity force.

Though I firmly believe that Egypt (of 30th June - 3rd July, 2013) aborted an extremely vicious plan for the NEW MIDDLE EAST, the "War" is far from being over. That is why, Egypt is currently working extremely hard to establish new strategic associations with Russia, China and other countries that reject what the USA has in mind with regard to the so-called NEW MIDDLE EAST. As I know a lot about these new strategic associations, I am quite optimistic that Egypt of 30th June - 3rd July, 2013 WILL PREVAIL.