• 21:12
  • Wednesday ,04 June 2014

Honorable Citizens

Hind Mukhtar

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Wednesday ,04 June 2014

Honorable Citizens
The poor citizens who own nothing have always said that they only have their dignity. Yet, suddenly the expression “honorable citizen” came on the surface to compete with the only thing left for those poor people.
I have been searching about the difference between an honorable citizen and another one whom we shall not call honorable. I only found few differences! The honorable citizen is always worried and enjoy his expensive furniture while watching his expensive television.
Such honorable citizens always receive their information from anchors and politicians, without thinking about their points of views. They consider all people with different points of views traitors and agents.
In fact, the Egyptian society has been divided into many parts. Each party thinks it owns the truth and the others lack. Each party thinks it's the honorable party! They don't know that all people should be honorable citizens as long as they have committed no crime.