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  • Saturday ,31 May 2014

Meriam Yehya Ibrahim and its destiny



Sunday ,01 June 2014

Meriam Yehya Ibrahim and its destiny

Meriam Yehya Ibrahim, a Sudanese mother, doctor and Christian, has been sentenced to flogging and death unless she recants her Christian faith. She was 8 months pregnant when she was arrested and has now given birth to a baby girl Maya . Her baby and her two-year-old son are with her in prison.

Legitimate concerns are that she is not getting proper medical care. Ibrahim is charged with adultery on the grounds that her marriage to a Christian man from South Sudan with acquired US citizenship is considered void under Shari’a law, for which the penalty is flogging. She’s also charged with apostasy,´-or-abandonment of religion, for which the penalty is death. 
Meriam is the daughter of a Christian woman and Muslim man. She was raised Christian after her father left. However, Sudanese law mandates that children born to Muslim fathers are considered Muslim.
The fact that a woman could be sentenced to death for her religious choice, and to flogging for being married to a man of an allegedly different religion is abhorrent. 
The UN and human rights groups are all demanding the immediate release of Ibrahim and that both her death sentence and her sentence of 100 lashes be overturned.
Call upon the Government of Sudan to respect the right to freedom of religion and stop the execution