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  • Saturday ,31 May 2014

Egypt’s Future

J.M Fahmy

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Saturday ,31 May 2014

Egypt’s Future

Today and finally I’m free from the obligation I had to respect which was simply being neutral between two candidates and hide my intentions and inner feelings as much as possible. I’m not sure if I did succeed but I had to advise people direct them to the proper free decision without pointing to any directions. Your decision can never be free if I tell you this is the right decision, pointing to a decision!

Now, the Egyptian people had made their free decision challenging all threats and obstacles that tried restlessly to prevent them from participating in choosing their own destiny!

In a few days down the line we will have 1st ever freely elected Egyptian President, with all due respect to ex-presidents none of them was freely elected from several candidates, none of them come in power for his program or agenda they were the only choice and Egyptian people had to approve with a simple [YES] or [NO] this was not elections, it was just a vote approving or disapproving, your disapproval was not crucial would never had changed the final outcome!  With the exception of Mubarak’s last presidential elections Egyptians never really had true presidential elections, even with that Mubarak’s elections, all other candidates were unknown to the public, which end up electing the known one better than the unknown!

Since the presidential elections race started, I tried to speak generally, avoiding to name any  of them so that it would be not taken with or against any of them, my own choice was, is and remains a private matter.

However, last week I was very specific in my advise, and even attack in aggressiveness boycotters; knowing it is against the freedom of choice, however, as I said in a comment to France 24 news that said “Civilian authorities extended the elections for a third day, and media looks like forcing Egyptians to vote…” my comment was, [No one forced French people to join resistance when the Nazi invaded France upon WWII, however, French people were classified either PATRIOTS or TEAITORS until the war ended! Egypt is in a similar WAR with terrorism and similarly people in Egypt are either PATRIOTS (=true Egyptians) or TRAITORS (meaning people who somehow got a stay in the land of Egypt or live there and have no loyalty to Egypt or their loyalty is elsewhere), and that is why I said people in Egypt and not Egyptians.

The Republicans won the elections not thanks to Republicans’ support, but to the nice Democrats who did not vote! Boycotting is just like voting the other side, whoever, in Egypt’s presidential elections we clearly see a 3rd party the people who did not boycott and never voted for either candidate! Those were even more that the supporters of one of the candidates, and I respect they did not boycott, they came down stood in cue lines for hours in the heat of the day to express their free opinion they are not supporting either candidate, may be in the future a leader comes from within them but till that time comes, I hope they will remain Egyptians and participating in rebuilding Egypt!

I’ll be brief as we still need the official final announcement and the Egypt got a President that I’m sure he will try his best and in his plate plenty  of challenges and problems that need urgent attention, but I need to remind you all that he alone can do nothing, he said it, and I repeat, we all need to help and defeat those challenges, but our participation is not directing the future president neither advise him what to do! We are all invited to help Egypt stand back on its feet, not by directing or advising, true we need to point out here and there a problem so that he can see whet he did not see we bring to his attention this problem or that, it would be better, but not a must, if we do have ideas about how to solve a problem but this does not mean your role ends up here, we all still need to walk thousands of miles before even see or feel the change of improvement some of us will  definitely fall on the way never see the down of the new standing up Egypt, but this is not a call to give up but a call to hurry up, there are generations and generations of EGYPTIANS will be thanking you for all what you have done to save their country, and take it back on its own feet!

May God keep blessing Egypt and Egyptians  to lead people to peace, Peace of the Lord be with you all.