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  • Saturday ,31 May 2014

Sabbahi campaign skeptical of election results


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Saturday ,31 May 2014

Sabbahi campaign skeptical of election results

Presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabbahi’s electoral campaign raised skepticism over the results of the recent presidential elections. It said they submitted a number of complaints to the election commissions in Cairo and other governorates but were refused.

“The electoral process witnessed increasing violations, the percentage of voting were unreasonable during the third day of voting, compared to what was announced by the High Presidential Elections Commission (HPEC),” director of Sabbahi’s campaign Hossam Mones told Watan News.
The elections witnessed a large number of violations, Sabbahi said during a press conference Thursday but it did not affect the election results. He expressed his respect to the will of the Egyptian people, revealing his intention to form a coalition of opposition.
HPEC said Sabbahi is the only person who has the right to appeal against the results of presidential elections as the stakeholder.
Sabbahi could submit an appeal against the election results if he was skeptic of the number of the invalid votes or found any problem in the counting process, commission member Abdel Wahab Abdel-Razek told Al-Masriyon.
A judicial source said HPEC Commission refused an appeal submitted by Sabbahi against the decision to extend the voting process for a third day.
The judicial sources considered the appeal, according to Veto News Website and the candidate adopted the same reasons that he mentioned in the complaint that he submitted when the commission decided to extend the voting process.