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  • Friday ,30 May 2014

Religious discourse challenging al-Sisi

Monir Beshai

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Friday ,30 May 2014

Religious discourse challenging al-Sisi

The presidential election is over and al-Sisi has become the new president. However, I believe he will face great challenges and there is not time to waste. All people have to work and work in order to salvage the bad situation.

The “To do” list is huge and includes: economy, security, food, education, health, housing, transportation, and etc. On top of that we will find the religious discourse.

Egyptian people are religious by nature and always turn to God asking for help in such difficult circumstances. Yet some people trade on religion and deceive the needy Egyptian people making use of their needs. 

President al-Sisi knows the danger of extremist religious discourse that he mentioned several times in his speeches.

He has said that changing the religious discourse is our major battle in order to solve its several problems including violence and terrorism.

He added that the religious discourse in Egypt has went astray from reality and even from God's Will. Such religious discourse invented many problems between Coptic Christians and Muslims, and even among different sects of Muslims. All sins have been committed in the name of religion and in the name of God!

Violence has become acceptable in the society with extremists interpretations for holy books to permit killing those who're called infidels.

Myths and superstitions spread very fast in this religious community where hatred is considered holy one! As extremism causes more retardation,  being moderate brings peace and tolerance.

In fact, moderate religion is the secret behind salvage the situation in Egypt and restore her glory