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  • Friday ,30 May 2014

Ministerial meeting at Taba to restore damages of heavy May rainfalls


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Friday ,30 May 2014

Ministerial meeting at Taba to restore damages of heavy May rainfalls

A Ministerial meeting was held in Egypt’s border crossing and resort of Taba Tuesday to discuss ways to reconstruct the areas that was damaged following the torrent that hit the town, Al-Wafd reported.

Minister of Tourism Hisham Zaazou, Minister of Irrigation and Water Resources Mohamed Abdel Mottaleb, and Minister of State for Environmental Affairs Laila Iskander discussed ways to tackle the consequences of the heavy rainfall that hit Taba early May and resulted in the Taba- Nuweiba road cut off.
“The government will spare no effort to support Taba investors until their damaged establishments are rebuilt,” Zaazou said.
The meeting was also attended by representatives of Taba-Nuweiba Investors Association along with chairman of the Egyptian Hotel Association Tawfik Kamal.
Head of the Taba-Nuweiba Investors Association Sami Suleiman called on the government to take serious steps that could boost tourism in the Sinai Peninsula amid the political instability that has negatively impacted Egypt’s tourism industry.
“The government should review and simplify the legislations concerning touristic investments in Taba and support the process of establishing new investments by reducing taxes and implementing a tax break for those who are affected by the recent heavy rainfall that hit Taba last month,” Sulieman told The Cairo Post.
Several touristic facilities in Taba and Sinai have been experiencing an unprecedented recession since January 2011, Sulieman said, who called on stakeholders to launch media campaigns to promote tourism.
He also called on an immediate compensation for the employees and owners of the diving centers in Taba whose businesses were badly harmed.
During the meeting, Zazou asserted the immediate re-installment of four D-fenders and several downpour courses along with restoring Taba-Nuweiba international road that was severely damaged.
Head of Tourism Development Authority Serag Eddin Saad told The Cairo Post that Taba, with its wonderful landscapes and unique natural resources, could be a major touristic destination that rivals Sharm El-Sheikh if properly promoted.
Many hotels in Taba were badly damaged following heavy rainfall early May.
Thirty kilometers of roads were flooded, causing an electrical outage, and making travel on the highway between Taba and Nuweiba impossible.
Canal-Sinai Electricity Company CEO Mohamed el-Sayed said losses reached 2.5 million EGP following the destruction of nearly 40 high pressure towers.