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  • Thursday ,29 May 2014

Sisi and his campaign “don’t mix”!

Medhat Bishay

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Thursday ,29 May 2014

Sisi and his campaign “don’t mix”!

In 1974, Monday magazine said that the government of Nokrashy Basha at that time prefers to be a secret government. Nokrashy Basha himself said that the prime minister doesn’t have to announce all his planes. Therefore, Field Marshal al-Sisi prefers to follow such policy in hiding some of your planes. This should have something to do with him working in intelligence for years.  

I wonder: what does this have to do with supporting al-Nour ultra conservative party after al-Sisi said that the new constitution doesn’t permit religious parties. Why does al-Sisi support this religious party despite of their controversial fatwas and lies? I am afraid the next parliament will support the salafists as well and care about their retardation and sexual obsession.

The other thing that I’m worried about is that the electoral campaign of al-Sisi has clearly failed and made al-Sisi look like he is not able even to communicate with his people.

They failed to market their presidential candidate giving great opportunity to his opponent to win the political debate between the two campaigns.

I’m worried al-Sisi is going chose the same people to assist him in the presidential palace. Furthermore, how come they talk about rationalization of electricity consumption when more than a hundred thousand mosques and churches receive power and water for free including those with huge ballrooms?

Here I remember funny words said by ousted president Mohamed Morsy who said that some stuff “don’t mix”. In fact, al-Sisi and his campaign don’t mix either!