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  • Wednesday ,28 May 2014

At least 30 arrests during presidential elections

By Daily News Egypt

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Wednesday ,28 May 2014

At least 30 arrests during presidential elections
Security forces arrested on Tuesday 8 alleged Muslim Brotherhood supporters in Minya after an illegal demonstration of 50 protesters took place near a polling station, state run MENA reported. The arrests come a day after at least 22 supporters of the ousted Morsi were detained.
Security forces have been on high alert since Monday as Egyptians across the country head to the polls to vote in the second presidential elections in as many years.
Early Tuesday the Security Director in Qena governorate stressed that “[security] forces act with vigilance to counter all forms of lawlessness”. Various Muslim Brotherhood affiliated opposition groups have called the elections illegitimate, and have vowed to continue resistance until Mohamed Morsi is reinstated in office.
Most of the groups, such as the Anti-Coup Alliance and Students Against the Coup, have called the contest between former Minister of Defence Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi and Hamdeen Sabahy “blood elections”, calling for citizens to boycott.
The interior ministry has called such attempts to prevent or discourage Egyptians from voting “messages originating from parties hostile to Egypt and the Egyptians” desiring to “abort the electoral process and strike fear in the hearts of the Egyptians”.
General Sedki Sobhi, Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, noted on Sunday the “high morale”, “manoeuvrability and agility” of soldiers tasked with keeping the peace during the Monday and Tuesday elections.
Sohbi said that the armed forces were “a shield for the people that believe” in the democratic process. Sobhi made his comments while observing units charged with protecting the merely 54 million Egyptians eligible to vote in the 2014 elections.