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  • Wednesday ,28 May 2014

Gov’t did not receive substantial complaints that affect elections: Ashry

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Wednesday ,28 May 2014

Gov’t did not receive substantial complaints that affect elections: Ashry
Ministry of Justice official spokesperson Abdel Azeem el-Ashry said the Ministry did not receive “substantial” complaints that could affect the elections process, Youm7 reported Tuesday.
He said the ministry operations room is closely following up on the elections and communications with judges who supervise the voting process to eliminate any obstacles and challenges for voters.
The ministry decided to remove four judges after they tried to affect voters’ decisions and also referred these judges to a disciplinary council, Ashry said in phone interview on Al-Arabiya Al-Hadath Monday.
He also said for the citizens that complained about the slow process that the voting will be extended to 10:00 p.m. in all governorates Tuesday.
Ashry organized a press conference Monday that the ministry received 150 complaints about the slow voting process due to the large numbers of voters throughout Egypt on the first day of elections.
The ministry operation room, headed by Assistant Minister of Justice Counselor Ezzat Khamis, denied any rumors about not opening 17 voting polls in Sharqia on the second day of elections.
Head of State Council Judges Club Mohamed Hassan said all voting polls are opened Tuesday and there is coordination between security forces and judges to facilitate the process.
The National Council of Human Rights (NCHR) issued a report on the second day of elections saying that it received 23 complaints so far, most of them due to delay of opening the polling station doors.