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  • Tuesday ,27 May 2014

Ayad, al-Sisi and Haftar

Mina M. Azer

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Tuesday ,27 May 2014

Ayad, al-Sisi and Haftar

Well, you have the right not to believe in astronomy and wizard's ability to prophesize,   but you should respect those who do believe. In fact, many presidents all over the world believe in astronomy and its power to bring good and prevent evil. 

Obama hasn’t met with Morsy believing he is jinx, and a wizard told Mubarak in 1974 that he won’t retire soon and he has a long way to go. Soon Mubarak survived many assassination attempts. 

Furthermore, there is a video for diviner Joy Ayyad promising that the Muslim Brotherhood won’t stay in power for more than one year, which has already happened. She also said that the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood are going to escape around the world away from their countries. 

This prophecy has become more realistic with the victory of Bashar al-Assad over the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria as well as their losses in Libya by General Haftar and his supporters. 

Al-Sisi who has become so near to the presidential palace promised no place to the Muslim Brotherhood under his rule. Qatar and Tunisia are receiving increasing pressure to stop supporting the Muslim Brotherhood from countries of the Gulf. 

Haftar is indeed supported by some kind of power in his war against the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya. It may be internal or even a divine power that supports such destiny for the Muslim Brotherhood all over the world.