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  • Tuesday ,27 May 2014

Security forces use teargas to disperse Morsi supporters in Egypt's Kerdasa

By Ahram Online

Copts and Poliltical Islam


Tuesday ,27 May 2014

Security forces use teargas to disperse Morsi supporters in Egypt's Kerdasa

Security forces used teargas to disperse dozens of supporters of ousted president Mohamed Morsi who attempted to prevent voters from casting their ballots in the town of Kerdasa, located south of Greater Cairo, Al-Ahram's Arabic news website reported.

Egyptians in all of the country's governorates began heading to the polling stations early on Monday to vote for their next president. Voting will continue on 27 May. 

Kerdasa was reportedly taken over by Islamist militants in August, following an RPG attack on its police station that killed around 11 policemen. The attack occurred during the period of political turmoil that followed the bloody dispersal by security forces of a major pro-Morsi protest camp in northeast Cairo. Police forces entered Kerdasa a month later and restored security.

Kerdasa witnessed numerous clashes during the constitutional referendum that took place in January.

In a recent statement, Egypt's largest Islamist coalition called on Morsi supporters to escalate protests during the country's two-day presidential polls.

However, the head of the judicial body overseeing Egypt's presidential elections has assured voters that polling stations will be secured by the police and army.

The voting process has so far been smooth in most of Egypt's governorates.