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  • Friday ,23 May 2014

The christians of Minia

Magdy Malak

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Friday ,23 May 2014

The christians of Minia

By chance while I was in the metro I met a christian man who is originally from Minia, from the village that Mulsim Brotherhood burned their churches and their homes. The man called Samy, he has been forced to leave his village because of the threats. His home burned and all his properties destroyed. He moved now and all his relative to “ Ezzbet AL Nakhl”. 


The man lost everything and his Dad died after Muslims killed him. The man now is struggling between his work which is in 52 kilo Alex -Cairo road, and his his home which is in Ezzbet Al Nakhl”. 


I asked Samy if there is any help he got from any place, he said it was few comparing to our loss. I have asked him about the aid that might came from the cathedral and he mentioned it was little too, and there is just a businessman who afford half of or renting cost to the new place we live in. 


Here I will not blame the church or any other person. I just have some questions to the government, Those people are Egyptian, the government is the only one responsible for those innocent people, so where is the role of government toward those people? is the government consider them as citizen or not?


Christians suffered a lot after 30 June, and if the government didn't take a serious step to ease this suffer that will be very bad sign to the future of the christian and that will also prove that christian are always pay the price to protect their country without any compensation.