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  • Thursday ,22 May 2014

Why won’t I vote for Sabahi?

Mina M. Azer

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Thursday ,22 May 2014

Why won’t I vote for Sabahi?

I have many reasons not to vote for Hamdeen Sabahi in the upcoming presidential elections. The first reason is that Sabahi is very similar to the ousted president Mohamed Morsy as both of them are liars who belong to Hamas more than they do to Egypt. Additionally, as Morsy was manipulated by the Muslim Brotherhood, Sabahi will be moved by the youth.

Second reason not to vote for Sabahi is that his hands are stained with blood of the Egyptians since he had cooperated with the Muslim Brotherhood and allied with them in the former presidential and parliamentary elections. Moreover, some people believe Sabahi has allied with the Muslim Brotherhood that he may release leaders of the terrorist group in return.

The third reason I won't vote for him is that he announced he would lead Egypt with a revolutionary style, which is likely to cause more crises for Egypt.

Last but not least, I won't vote for him as he broke his promises and lied and changed his mind many times to run for president in Egypt. I want to clarify that al-Sisi has also changed his mind about running for president in Egypt, but it took huge pressure by the people to do the job, while Sabahi had no similar pressure.

He contradicts himself when talking about his opponent trying to make al-Sisi look bad and lose votes.

In fact, I won't vote for Sabahi or boycott the elections. Rather, I will vote for al-Sisi, and oppose any dictator decisions he may take. My advise to Sabahi is: sick people should work in politics no more.