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  • Wednesday ,21 May 2014

Citizen or elite?

Hind Mukhtar

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Wednesday ,21 May 2014

Citizen or elite?

Naguib Mahfouz, Nobel winner Egyptian writer, said in his great novel "Awlad Haritna" that the elite are Egypt's great calamity. This diagnosis explains our great problem all over Egypt.

This includes journalists, military analysts, doctors, engineers and artists. This elite always manipulates the mind of the Egyptians making use of their weak memory.
The elite contradict their sayings when they encourage the Egyptian people to revolt against its rulers stating that the Egyptian people are no more children, but they should be prevented from watching a pornographic movie by a famous actress!
The same class consider the Egyptian women great component in the society and call for respecting them, but their dignity is always sacked in the streets by sexual harassers. Yet, women shouldn’t complaint or else the same elite would accuse them of being indecent.
I wonder: are you Egyptian citizen or elite?