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  • Monday ,19 May 2014

Youth of Egypt

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,19 May 2014

Youth of Egypt

In the near past I wrote articles about today's young revolutionary in Egypt the 25th January 2011 ones or all other new generations who reject all and any solution, I was furious from the disrespect of some of them to the elderly who try to discuss with them trying to make them reason to the sound of wisdom; I was wrong and emotional aggressive more than discussing the issue!

The truth is those young guys were subjects to the following issues as part of the Egyptian society:-

Lack of proper Education in a collapsing or collapsed Educational System.
Extreme rising religious environment
Extreme poverty mixed with unemployment problems
Exceptional un-explained riches of others 
Inequalities in applying laws
Rising dictatorship issues 
Older generations luckier in a better education system, or being properly raised in this 
Collapsing environment can not figure out how those young people become so careless or aggressive impolite and isolated from the rest of the Egyptian society!
I need to ask you all a question before going on in this publication...
I assume a reasonable assumption that we all love our country, our fathers and grand grand fathers gave away their lives in love of that country, when Hitler invaded Europe, hundreds, and thousands gave away their lives defending their land, it is a natural love you are born with it you love what you see around you, you love the house you were born in it, the neighbours that used to visit your parents you love them, the relatives you saw around you in each and every occasion you love them this is a natural feeling before even knowing what is love! As we grow older, we give it different nominations, nostalgia or memories or...My question is....
If since your birth you had never a moment of happiness, you missed your parents around you they were busy, way too busy working hard to provide you with the necessary food to keep you alive, they forgot to feed you with this bread some love, they were too tired to kiss you good night, some just fall asleep as they sat in a chair. They did all that because they loved you and assumed you will feel it some way or another, but how can it happen and no one around you to teach you not to play with the matches they will burn you? Best case scenario some strange woman, the neighbour, or a hired maid will be taking care of you when older than 3 months -WHY? Egyptian laws imposed then a 3 months maternity leave!- after that she could have a non paid maternity leave that most likely she could not afford, lucky mothers had a relative free to take care of you but most people having exactly the same problem like your mother would end up hiring a more poor lady as a maid, she had to feed you and do all house work that your busy mother could not do, she will not breast feed you -top loving moment of any mother- but bottle feed you some will not even hold you will feeding you they will rest you in the bed with the bottle on your mouth if it slips away from your mouth you had the cry and shout till she notice the bottle was away from your moth! THIS BY NO WAY REPRESENTED ANY LOVE!
How, this child could feel love in his new experience of 1st day in school, if his father dropped him/her by the school and run away trying to catch up at work and he was still LATE! Pedagogy at schools requests parents -both parents- to be present with their child long enough till the child get used to this new environment usually there is a specific time for this introductory meeting in a free time for parents to attend but unfortunately still only ONE substitutes the present of BOTH!
This child missing love still faces at school a teacher who either was forced to become a teacher or found no alternative but teaching! He has no patience neither had been trained how to face the desires of a child in general –let aside a child who never seen real true love- He asked the class to stay quite to be able to teach them but no child listens to what he said what is the solution –a 1st lesson in dictatorship- his big heavy ruler –his weapon- to knock on the table making a loud voice that attracts the attention of all children! 
A moment of silence the teacher uses to say few words before losing the attention of the class, he lost the attention as the words he / she uses are too difficult for a child to understand –when you do not understand something either you seek understanding or you lose your attention the speech is not for me – the teacher who is about to lose control of his class has to quickly gain back this control how? Second dictatorship lesson a victim, picks up any child that is not paying attention to his words and make an example of that child his heavy big thick ruler on any part of his poor thin small body! And here come the 3rd.dictatorship lesson –if you do not hear what I say you will be punished- therefore be scared from my punishment –FEER-!
You learn as you grow, you had seen dictatorship lessons, you missed love, even more fortunate children that the financial situation of their parents allowed them some parental love and care there are moments when parents –human beings not affected with a lot of external pressures can no more take any pressure from whoever it is – cannot afford to let go of childish behaviours and decided to correct the attitude of their children lacking themselves of proper pedagogic means they give their children lessons of dictatorship, The repression basis defensive tricks all, we all resort to it by a certain amount, but if the individual ladle in turning to Him as a solution to their problems and wishes to turn it into a case of illness and then falling into the abnormal behaviours. Caller prevents the individual from the face of the face of his problems objectively and therefore not resolved; this leads to dictatorship behaviours we all suffer from!
Now, let childhood period go with all its positive/negative aspects, you need to graduate from school/university to be on your own the master of your life as taught or learned in the past from school parents or just pure experiences, you know you need a job, money and you can be on your own! There comes a new lesson CHEATING you either sees others cheating or even the teacher who supervises the exam cheats on his supervisor when out of tiredness he fails asleep letting cheaters cheat or you cheat yourself! And the biggest deception comes....Honesty leads nowhere, honest non cheaters students fall, honest non cheater workers are poor no need to be honest!
Finally, you had finished school, university, you ready to start your own life all you need is a JOB!! End of the story, un-employment is a worldwide problem not an Egyptian one!
In conclusion, a person born and grew missing love, fears everyone, never really truly lived a moment of happiness can he or she feel any belonging feelings? Can he love a piece of land that equals any other piece of land –as pr Muslim Brotherhood clams?- can he/she feel or know patriotism? When your society rejects you from all human feelings starting with parental love to proper life ending with your independence and freedom how can you feel any feeling you had been rejected and you just isolated yourself in that society!
 Those young people are our own victims, they are not traitors, they do not belong to religious politics or sold their souls to the Satan, they simply lost all human rights to live happy loved free and fearless! They found themselves isolated from their own country how do you expect from them loyalty to a country or even to parents who failed to provide proper care to their own children!
Those young people, like it or not, are part of our society that un-intentionally isolated from their homeland, we all need to correct our mistake and let them in again so that we all live in peace and LOVE!
May God help us all to rebuild broken ends and stand back on our own feet! God bless Egyptians and Egypt.