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  • Friday ,16 May 2014

Are the Salafists honest?

Magdy Malak

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Friday ,16 May 2014

Are the Salafists honest?

During the presidential election specifically after the first day of the election and once the leader of the salafists found the voting was few, they started to accuse Sisi that he is close to the ex NDB memeber and that’s why the voting was weak in the first day. 


In the second day and after people recognized the importance of their voting, Salafits tried to change and say Sisi is the man of this time. I was so surprised that they could change their situation in just few hours from one side to the other. 


That push us to ask that question is Salafists are honest in their support to Sisi or they just try to reserve a place in the next upcoming parliamentary election. 


I believe that Salafists is now trying to be the second face of the Muslim Brotherhood. Sisi and all political power should recognize that fact or we will back again to the dilemma of the religious state we lived in for a year when the Muslim Brotherhood was in power. 


I don’t think that salafists are honest and we have to be careful and we shouldn’t also forget that the leader of the salafists is still against copts to be president or even to play a role in the puplic jobs.