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  • Wednesday ,07 May 2014

Fahmi Sadat Osman

Mina M. Azer

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Wednesday ,07 May 2014

Fahmi Sadat Osman

Former President Sadat was one of the people who assassinated Amin Othman, Egypt's Foreign Minister on October 8th, 1944 as he described the relationship between Egypt and England, the occupier, as the Catholic marriage, which doesn’t allow divorce. Later, Egypt's Foreign Minister, Fahmy the father, resigned in protest against visiting Jerusalem by president Sadat. Then, comes his son, Nabil Fahmy the son, to describe the relationship between Egypt and America as legal marriage!

Of course, we can't simply kill the man just like Sadat did with Amin Othman. Rather, we should study why he said so and what are the achievements of the man. In fact, Nabil Fahmy did a great job in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. However, he may have committed a mistake by such comparison, but who doesn't commit a mistake!
I like that wise steps of the Egyptian government to study the situation before it takes a decision to discharge the man. 
On the contrary, it was amazing to find anchors, like Tawfik Okasha, demanding the discharge of the Minister, and accusing his father, Fahmy the father, of being a Zionist!
How strange is that? How come the man who fought against the restoration of Egyptian-Israeli relationships and normalization is called a Zionist! How can we just forget about all achievements of the man and stick to just one mistake?
Fahmi may have ignored some ambassadors because they belong to the Muslim Brotherhood or insulted Egypt. Yet, he can't be a Zionist. I know he is but a patriot Egyptian man.