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  • Monday ,05 May 2014

Let The People Choose

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,05 May 2014

Let The People Choose

After eight times power off and consequently no net I try to write down this article praying God to end it up before the 9th. Cut of POWER, my Laptop requested to charge its batteries before I go again on them but how can I if the power is off!!!

My main point today is the presidential elections hoping and praying to God they do end up in peace with the best choice of people, and whoever is chosen that with the people he can fulfill people's expectations to reach the safe ne brighter future and get out of this deep hole ousted Mosry tried to drag Egypt in it!

I'll try to be brief so that I can finish my article before further power interruptions, I'm notgoing to ask people to elect X or Drop Z this is the pure free choice of every one. I'm not going to be the gear of any candidate in his electorial propaganda, tho I had decided who I'll back up but I do not intend to tell who neither direct others towards that candidate or criticize one on the expense of the other and bring law suits to someone for my wrong doing, but I'm just anonymously discuss points attracted my attention and which to discuss sharing my experiences with previous presidential elections in many places out of Egypt I saw them in Paris and St. Johns - Antigua, in USA or UK for President or PM andparty to take over powers to rule then once people voted and made their choices promisees volatiles in pure air!

What I wish to alert the people about is promises it is easy to promise you to send you all to the moon but you all need to start asking the following questions to see how much I amtrue and if I really mean it:

1. How? do I have a rocket to send you to the moon? If no then:

a) Where I get the rocket and

b) How I'll pay for it!

2. From where I get necessary funds?

3. Is there an alternative? If I can not reach the moon are you going to be lost in space or we will end up in the desert or a jungle?

That moon story was just an example as I do not want to point to someone made promisees or criticize a specific person each presidential candidate obviously will be making promises not necessary lies or over realistic expectations, so each and every one of us who really cares of this country and wants the bast for it must use his own judgmentbefore believing or disbelieving a promise.

You all need to keep in mind the following main points:-

 We have a lot of problems but none of them is just pure Egyptian problem most our problems are world wide problems we might be affected by them more than other countries but this problems are not pure Egyptian!

 Our Main Economic problem -which again is not an Egyptian exclusivity- needs FUNDS and PLANING we all need to know how to get the funds and where we going to spend them what would be the outcome and how soon!

 Egypt is not the president or King, Egypt was never King Farouk or President NasserEgypt was is and remains the piece of land God blessed with it's true Egyptian peoplewho cared care and will care of this land will defend it with their lives and and spare no effort for its progress!

Before I end my article I need to point out a main problem we do have and suffered fromit long long time, that is PLANNING!

Since ex-president R.I.P. Nasser introduced the short term planning -5 years plans- we never had a real long term planing with a clear objective, the longest successful one was that of building the high dam south of Egypt after that and for many years till now most governments come as a crisis government for a specific crisis starting with the long years that followed the June 1967 defeat followed the a resistance government, then preparing for the war of 1973 and so one. We all criticized the government ex-Beblawy one or today's one we never been sited to a position knowing that after 2 weeks I will be replaced by the new minister! Honorable Judge President Adly Mansour sat in the presidential sit for a transitional 6 months period till a president is elected his transitional period extended till now we can not expect from him LONG TERM PLANNING or commitments his successor might reject or have a better plan!

In this issue I would love to express my deep gratitude to Honorable President Adly Mansour for his efforts to bring this country to this point and deliver it to our people's choice to come President may god bless him and keep blessing Egypt and Egyptians!