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  • Monday ,28 April 2014

This is Egypt

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,28 April 2014

This is Egypt

First let me apologize about last week article I was not able to write it due to a mixture of health, Internet and other problems I faced however all that is thank God history now.In fact I had a lot to say and still need to talk to you all Egyptians and my article today would be of 3 main points as follows:

Not Just Egypt

Today, I'd like to make the point about our common permanent problems; I'll start with the most popular that is un-employment, poverty, and rich people becoming richer at the expense of poor people! This is not just the outcome of corrupted systems of Ex-presidents Mubarak, Sadat, Nasser;

I pointed in my last article "All Over Same Story" how Greek poor people welcome a 5 hours short visite of German leader Angela Merkel with RIOTES; and how English born workers can not find jobs in their own land due to UK support policy of the European Common Market opening to doors to any European worker to work in Britain -at half price a British worker will have- that is in other words and from the end of line how RICH job owners get richer at the expense of British workers who remain poor job seekers, and the European workers still not getting full pay!

Just two countries North most of Europe Britain, and south most Greece the richest and poorest countries of Europe not to talk of Italy or Spain or other Asian and African even American countries; Why am I concerned with those, just to tell youth in Egypt and thosewho try to excite them because they can not find a job this is not an Egyptian problem buta world wide one; however when your house is in fire you are busy putting off this fire you can not see that the whole neighborhood is on fire!

Let aside this as I talked of it and let us see the energy problem; USA just applied a fuel increase, they know well this increase will affect transportation prices, to make the point I'll explain how raw materials to factories and their final product will be affected :A factory needs 3 row materials to produce a product that today before the fuel increase costs say 2.00 $ and is sold to the consumer at a mark up of just 10%  we all know that 2.00$ in monetary terms =200 cents and a mark up of 10% will be 200 x 10 / 100 = 20 cents so final price to the consumer = 200+20=220cents or 2.20$!

As I do not live in the States and have no Idea how much fuel was and what the real increase in the prices was I'll make an assumption of the less possible increase causing just 10 cents or 0.1$ per item transported that is 3 raw materials will cost 30 cents more intransportation and the final product cost is now 2.00$+.3$=2.3 or 230 x 10%=.23$ so final price would be 2.53$ but to reach the market where it will be sold needs another 0.1$ so it will be sold in the market for 2.63+markup= 2.63$ and a mark up of just 10% again in the market will make the product 2.893$ the retailer will pay .1$ to get the product to the consumer at the price of 2.893$+.1 transport+10% mark up again 32923or 3.2923$ for the consumer this same product would had reached the consumer before the increase at 2.684 meaning .1$ costed the consumer who will end up paying all that differences in price 0.6083$ and when the consumer complains from that increase the responsible that allowed this increase will jump up saying I just increased .1$ not 0.6083$check back the greedy merchants - but I assumed no one took advantage of that increase to consequently raise his mark up- they were all honest passing this increase over!