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  • Wednesday ,16 April 2014

Not for the brain washed

Mina M. Azer

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Wednesday ,16 April 2014

Not for the brain washed

I have found it very confusing to name those who believe that Rabaa Adawia and Nahda sit-ins were but peaceful sit-ins! They are neither handicapped nor blind, but they can't see or understand. Those people are clearly brain washed that they are not able to see the “peaceful demonstrators” shooting security forces! 

In fact, the Muslim Brotherhood group can not hide its ugly face any longer. However, some people still believe this ugly face is not of this terrorist group. The truth is this group is the source of many terrorist organizations all over the world. Even a Mafia can't cooperate with foreign intelligence agencies against their home countries, which was proudly made many times by the Muslim Brotherhood.
The terrorist group has not been peaceful, and attacked and killed many real peaceful demonstrators. Thus, it's supporters should stop defending the terrorist group, before more people believe such nonsense. 
I wonder: what peaceful demonstrations they are talking about with that much of al-Qaeda flags in their demonstrations? It's known that al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood adopt the same ideology. So, stop talking about its peaceful demonstrations, as it has never been and will never be a peaceful group.