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  • Tuesday ,15 April 2014

Christians travelling to Jerusalem

Rafik Rasmy

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Tuesday ,15 April 2014

Christians travelling  to Jerusalem

Pope Tawadros II strongly supports  the decision of Pope Shenouda III to prevent the Coptic Christians from traveling to Jerusalem under Israeli occupation refusing to normalize with Israel when the Muslims are not doing the same.

This decision was taken years ago by Pope Shenouda who had to pay huge price with his Coptic congregation for such decision. When former president Sadat asked the Pope to allow the Coptic Christians to visit Jerusalem, the Pope refused saying that Coptic Christians should visit Jerusalem along with the Muslims, only when the Palestinians restore their land.
Sadat inflamed and started defaming and persecuting Pope Shenouda. Yet, the Pope was determined and his situation has not changed. 
Pope Tawadros supported the same decision, and his congregation should obey him in order to receive the blessings of the Pope.
Many people do the same with the second marriages, as they want to follow their mind and make the spiritual leadership follow them, not the opposite. They even try to force the spiritual leaders to bless them!
In fact, visiting Jerusalem is not a Christian must, and has nothing to do with one's salvation. So, People have to obey the Pope when it comes to such a national must.