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  • Monday ,14 April 2014

All Over same story

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,14 April 2014

All Over same story

One more week closer to the elections hopping for a better future, however a quick look to world’s news I do see same old story same problems same people volunteer to solve people and countries’ problems! Is it real solidarity or just political propaganda when people remain un-employed stay hungry poor while the rich becomes richer!

This is not just in Egypt I see it in England, Greece, Italy and many more countries! Ukrainians who demand cheaper gaze prices, Greek striking in reception of Angela Merkel 5 hours visit to Greece, Kiev worries about threats of armed forces the whole world is unrest with same problems!
For those who do not read history or do not understand it when they read it I have to remind you all that God when he created earth he did as well create seas and fields that provide humans with free fruits and food; human greediness however monopolized fields with their trees to sell the fruits and other crops, monopolized fishing to sell free food provided by God!
Since then the main problem faced humanity was survival!  Humans survived on the remains of dinosaurs Civilizations were built on the remains of older ones that become weaker and weaker over time exhausted in endless fights, battles and wars!
The purpose was is and remain very simple I survive over you no matter what might happen to you and it is not important the most important thing is my survival!
Going back to recent events in Egypt a lot of Muslim Brotherhood leaders fled Egypt fearing prosecutions and arrests when Muslim Brotherhood peacefully blow up officers in the army or police, and general public or places! The remainder of leaders still looking for a way out trapped within Egyptian boarders need some events, some volunteers to be blown up while they flee the country occupied with arresting those blowing up volunteers! And even Qatar their safe refuge cannot host them forever they were trying to send them away and their efforts failed!
Same scenario is repeated time after time and nothing changes but their hopes to change the final outcome; years ago the Irish war of Independence or Anglo-Irish War was a guerrilla war fought between the Irish Republican Army (the army of the self-proclaimed Irish Republic) and the British Government and its forces in Ireland. Is the same scenario Muslim Brotherhood tries to repeat, in Syria, Sudan, you name it; Same car bombs like the hide park famous bombing, with the exception the bombs of Muslim Brotherhood less sophisticated so it is not that history repeats itself but just humans do not get the lessons and commit same mistakes hoping for betters results!
 Bottom line what I try to say is that most of our problems if not all are not just in Egypt but problems existed, exists, and will continue to exist as long as the survival for the strongest is going on as long as people reactions are pure passive because they are not directly affected; people are not born tyrants, or dictators and thieves they learnt this from other people passivity!
 If I am corrupted officer or whatever job I have and nobody stands and say stop why should I stop? However, I’m not a saint I’m full of weaknesses so I cannot ask you to be strong and stand against corruption as long as I have me weaknesses, I need first to get rid of my weaknesses to become strong then I can ask you to be strong, that is exactly what I decided to do for the following weeks the start with yourself complain correcting our weaknesses, our mistakes, and standing strong enough will improve our life a lot. If I weak up early and go to work before traffic jams not stressed as I am ahead of time not late for work, relaxed I did not have to run to catch up with a bus or lift I had plenty time wait for the next one and still reach my office relaxed to be ready to do my job to the best! I stop bribes bribed people will have to live an honest life because no one pushes them to the error or sin! If I stop my negative attitude and report thieves to the authorities regardless who the thief is my next door neighbour or cousin or relative or a complete stranger thieves will disappear from our lives I do not ask you to do that I am saying I’ll start doing that myself, will turn off lights before going to bed to save energy, and will try my best to treat others just like I’d love to be treated and I’m sure our life will improve a lot!
Finally I would love to warn you all there will be hard time coming ahead of us in every step we step towards a better tomorrow and a more stable country, enemies are surrounding us want us to fall down and we must keep standing tall till the end may the power of love overcome the love of power so that world will know peace.
May God bless you all and bless Egypt on this Saint Sunday, Palm Sunday peace and love to Egypt and Egyptians!