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  • Wednesday ,09 April 2014

When Mary met the barbarians!

By-Hanan Badei Sawiris

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Wednesday ,09 April 2014

When Mary met the barbarians!
An adorable little woman left her home last Friday to serve an old bedridden lady and give her the medicine as usual, knowing it was so dangerous. Yet, she decided to perform her duty and therefore she lost her life.  
An eyewitness said that the supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood have attacked Mary in her car as soon as they saw the hanged cross in her car. They jumped on top of her vehicle to the point that the roof collapsed. 
In what can only be described as a savage and ruthless attack, Mary George was violently removed from her vehicle, severely beaten and mauled – portions of her scalp and hair were pulled off. She was repeatedly stabbed, with some accounts saying up to 16 times, and she died in a humiliated and abject state. Afterwards, her car, with the hanging cross, was burnt. Not only that, but they removed her pants and distorted her body. Police have not intervened even though they know the killers, but they were left in peace as if police protect them!
It's an extra ordinary crime in which the girl was killed for her religion. Those savages respects no religion nor homeland. They are but terrorists who are willing to kill even such a weak young woman that was on her way to serve a bedridden woman. They are but sadist whom we shouldn't call humans. 
Even though she begged those monsters to let her go, but their ears were not to hear but their bloody shout and anger. 
Being unveiled and having a cross in her car was more than enough for them to kill her ruthless.  Her family was expecting her marriage soon, but she celebrated a heavenly wedding with Christ.
Egyptian men have been known for gallantry and chivalry. No man was able to harass a woman in the street. Now, they are unwilling to save a weak girl fearing for their own lives.
I believe that the fanatic groups are responsible for spreading such ideas and fear in Egypt. They tried first to impose uniform on women, but president Nasser has refused. Soon, they were able to impose such uniform, veil and niqab, on Egyptian Muslim women. Therefore, such violence against women increased against Coptic Christian women as they don't wear veil or niqab. Also, sexual harassment spread in the streets of Egypt mainly against Coptic women. This time, Mary paid greater price and lost her life for being unveiled in addition to the cross in her car!  
For years, the fanatic groups posted posters to encourage women to wear the veil. Now, we can't see those posters as they have already achieved their goals. They succeeded to discriminate Coptic and Muslim women to target them as they want. In old Egyptian movies, many women wore indecent clothes, but they never suffered from sexual harassment as women with veil and niqab do now. 
Last Sunday, Egypt's Minister of Interiors, said in a press conference that Mary was stabbed and her car was burned. Later, spokesman of the Forensic Medicine denied that Mary had been stabbed with white weapon, claiming she was only shot in the heart, which contradicts with statement of the eyewitnesses. In any case, she was killed for her Christian identity, which nobody can deny.
Furthermore, Egyptian media was sectarian, as usual, and ignored what happned to Mary and decided to talk only about Mayadda the journalist who was killed at the same day and city, and by the same terrorist group. I wonder: how come the Egyptian media classifies the victims according to their religion or career! Mayadda was killed by mistake, while Mary was killed on purpose for her Christian belief. Moreover, Mayadda was automatically called martyr by media while Mary was called victim. 
I know that such names won't benefit the dead much, but it has something to do with her shocked family.
Finally, the final words by Mary on Facebook were: "Our lives go on, the best day is yet to come". I hope so.