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  • Monday ,07 April 2014

For a Better Future

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,07 April 2014

For a Better Future

Starting with myself for serious work I would like to apologize for being unable to participate in last week's Joices with the decision of ex-marshal Abd El Fatah El Sisi to resign his post in the army and fulfill people's call to compete for the elections of presidency! 

In this issue I would like to point out the huge difference between someone working for living and meet the ends of the month and someone who loves his job and dedicates his whole life for the job he always loved for over 45 years was proud the wear the Army Suit like Marshal Sisi! His Decision to quit the army answering people's call was a huge sacrifice we should never forget!
In this issue -El Sisi candidate for presidency- I expect a lot of fight and continuous efforts for the dark powers of enemies of Egypt whomever they are Qatar or Muslim Brotherhood, Israel or USA whoever wants to break down Egypt will try all possible means to stop the elections or set back our steps towards a better tomorrow for Egypt!
However some of them -who reject the idea of a president with military background- their rejection is due to bad memories of ex-presidents with military background so far! 
True we had bad memories with ex-presidents but we -the people- had bad practices with them too lead to those bad memories, we never stood up for our rights, we never fought back thieves in steed some start thieving too on the pretext why me and not them; we never said this is wrong to a wrong doing we just stood in dismay towards wrong decisions and let go! We never tried to participate in problem solving we just expected magical solutions that never happen by themselves!
People of Egypt if we let go of wrong doing or keep our negative attitude towards the future of our country then we do participate in the creation of a new dictator! If the ruler is not advised his decision was wrong and met with applauding he will never know his decision was wrong! 
Ok to make it clear if Marshal Sisi wins the elections and becomes a really elected president with the free will of the majority of true Egyptians he will not be able to make miracles he does not have the magic stick that will remove traffic jams house seekers will keep looking for a house and salaries will keep just meeting month ends youth will remain looking for an opportunity all our todays' problems will not disappear over night.
With Sisi president the million miles away path will just step it's very first step towards Egypt we all dream of, it is a long long path full of suffering but joy lies around with every step done! Just let us look at one point, 5 o'clock weak up too be at work by 8 sharp! 3 hours away will give you plenty time to have your breakfast drink your tea and go or drive to work, not stressed by traffic jams is relatively road will be less crowded, reaching on time relaxed you will be able to perform your working duties better, you do not need to cut off working time to relax people having their jobs done will not accumulate in endless cues stressing you will working more and more. People and General public having accomplished their demands on time will have the time to return their jobs and return the favor in a better performance of their duties end of the day more work was done and one more step in the endless path of a better tomorrow! Just like at school times having done your homework and studying all over the year you will be relaxed in the exams and success is granted!
This was a simple example how each and every one of us is needed to reach the other side of the river we need to keep our nose away from other people business however we still need to open our eyes for wrong doing to reject thieves and stop zigzag ways just to reach our illegal targets the car owner needs to stop bribing the police man who inspects his car  you did park illegal parking if we all reject corruption and corrupted people thieves will go away will look either a second job or find other lands to live and thieve it not in EGYPT. Bottom line I'm not afraid or scared from a president with military background but scared to death for Egyptian attitude stubbornness and disorder, I love breaking the rules and and bypassing cues we love taking other people rights but when our rights are touched we cry misery!
This call is to the peorple of Egypt, who suffered for years till they fed up with ex-president Mubarak, and outsted sitted one Morcy and requested a better life this better life starts in your own house turning off unwanted lights to save energy, reduce your car engine burn out of fuel using a smalled car, this will help as well in less triffic jams, cook food you need to eat and if some is over give it to people in need! We are all in the same boat either reach safely the other side or we all sink but I'm sure that God who blessed Egypt will help us all get rid of our bad habits to correct ourselves first before we ask other to be corrected.
Before ending todays call as I see a new problem not a norm in the south most part of Egypt in the best touristic peaceful part of Egypt Assouan I wander, almost 30 dead people for a so called tribal problem between tribes this is unacceptable! When interior minister or a policeman says this is not a security problem it is a problem between tribes this too is unacceptable security means I am secured in my house in my field or work and I can freely walk without being threaten to die with a bullet or burnt in a fire! I know for sure the problem was not political but when I hear latest machine guns were used I wander how they got them? Who ignited the bomb and left it explode knowing the customs and habits of those tribes? I can not exclude any one but rest my case as the honorable prime minister himself went there and investigations are undergoing until the full truth is uncovered I just remind those peaceful people of two major things :-
1. The enemies and dark underground powers try to exoste the powers of police, and army in security problems across the country.
2. That place is a Tourist attraction so the troubled Egyptian Economy is in danger as well! 
May god help all people in this crucial times and may the power of love overcome the love of power so that Egypt and the rest of the world will know peace.
God bless Egypt and Egyptians forever amen.