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  • Thursday ,03 April 2014

Intellectual perversion

Ezzat Boulos

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Thursday ,03 April 2014

Intellectual perversion

Many Egyptian people believe they enjoy high morals, more than those who belong to the Western countries, whose inhabitants are described as degenerate by many people in the Middle East. 

In fact, those Middle Eastern people usually use religion to cover their deviation, just like members of the Islamic currents did in Egypt, which makes the intellectual perversion in Egypt even clearer. Those people claim virtue, and repeat sayings of great western intellectuals without even understanding what they mean by such sayings.
Therefore, the Egyptian people must be talented as great actors for many of them pretend to be perfect and pure when we are just the opposite. Our perfection usually collapses when we're involved in some kind of dispute or being at odds with someone.
This kind of people usually uses all prohibited weapons to fight whoever they name “an enemy” by exposing their weaknesses and mistakes ignoring their own. However, they usually fail and fall in the same whole that they dug to bury their so-called enemies.
Such “people” are products of our rotten and sick community. Those are clearly sick and bring the Egyptian society even sicker! Now, the question should be: how to develop our community and cure it from such intellectual perversion?