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  • Wednesday ,02 April 2014

Sabbahi’s campaign claims Sisi supporters committed ‘clear violations’ in proxy gathering


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Wednesday ,02 April 2014

Sabbahi’s campaign claims Sisi supporters committed ‘clear violations’ in proxy gathering

A task force from the electoral campaign of presidential hopeful Hamdeen Sabbahi said on Tuesday that it saw clear violations committed by supporters of presidential candidate Field Marshal Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on the second day of gathering proxies for presidential elections.

In a statement, the campaign said that scuffles occurred between representatives of Sisi and Sabbahi at the notary offices in Port Said Court when representatives of the latter noticed that "The Future of the Country" campaign, which supports Sisi, was drafting the proxies in the presence of the notary office employees.
The scuffles ended after Sabbahi’s representatives were kept inside the court. Similar incidents took place at the notary office in the Heliopolis court complex when Sabbahi’s representatives objected to the barring of citizens' access to sign the proxies as well as the tearing down of their banners.
"Notary office employees at the town Dekernes in Daqahliya do not operate the electronic reader devices except to record support for Sisi," the campaign claimed, adding that the employees rejected proxies for Sabbahi at the same time. The campaign also added that proxies were made for Sabbahi by surname rather than the last name at the notary office of the town Bassioun in Gharbiya, which nullifies the proxies.
The campaign also claimed that a businessmen from Sharqiya with affiliations to the disbanded National Democratic Party was ordering employees in his company to sign proxies supporting Sisi. The campaign said that it received complaints from governorates over 500 proxies made for Sisi without citizens' attendance.
"Buses transferred employees from health, youth and sports directorates as well as Banha University for the same purpose. Some notary offices employees in Alexandria and Red Sea refused to make proxies for Sabbahi," claimed the campaign. 
The campaign also said that some electronic reader devices were not delivered to notary offices in the town Isna in Luxor as well as to offices in Alexandria. Notary offices employees in Maadi allegedly could not use the devices.
The campaign claimed that samples of the proxies in Damietta, Qena, North Sinai were not delivered until midday Monday.
"Work started late at the notary office of Giza and did not begin until midday," the campaign said. "Sabbahi’s name was written incorrectly in computers in Suez, which could disqualify proxies made to the wrong name."
The campaign also said that photos supporting Sisi were placed in the notary office of the town al-Santa in Gharbiya.