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  • Tuesday ,01 April 2014

Egypt: Al-Jazeera Journalists Urge Their Release


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Tuesday ,01 April 2014

Egypt: Al-Jazeera Journalists Urge Their Release

Two Al-Jazeera journalists on trial in Egypt have directly asked with the judge to release them.

Australian Peter Greste and Canadian-Egyptian Mohammed Fahmy are among three journalists and 17 others who are facing terrorism-related charges, based on accusations by authorities that they provided a platform to the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood group of ousted President Mohammed Morsi.
"The idea that I could (have) an association with the Muslim Brotherhood is frankly preposterous," Greste told the judge, Mohammed Nagi Shehata during a session of their trial Monday.
"I ask for acquittal," pleaded Fahmy. He told the judge he was an alcohol-drinking liberal, adding, "Have you ever heard of a (Muslim) terrorist that drinks alcohol?