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  • Monday ,31 March 2014

Hamas denies 3 members arrested in Egypt

By the Cairo Post

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Monday ,31 March 2014

Hamas denies 3 members arrested in Egypt
Hamas denied reports that three of its members were detained in Egypt while planning to assassinate Field Marshal Abdel Fatah al-Sisi, reported the Anadolu News Agency Sunday.
Spokesperson for the movement Sami Abu Zahri told the agency reports published in the Kuwaiti newspaper El-Ray about members being arrested was “untrue and just lies.”
In his statement to the El-Ray governmental agency in Gaza, Abu Zahri added that, “publishing such news is a big abuse to Egypt and aims to deform the image of the Palestinian resistance.”
He called media outlets to “maintain accuracy and credibility in publishing news, and to stop misrepresentation and constant incitement against Hamas and the Palestinian resistance.”
Following the ouster of Mohamed Morsi in July 2013, there has been a breakdown of security in many parts of the Sinai, with Egyptian authorities cracking down on what they have called terrorist cells. Many Egyptians accuse the Muslim Brotherhood of having colluded with Hamas, and have accused Morsi of granting Egyptian citizenship to its members.