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  • Friday ,28 March 2014

Who is responsible for defaming Egypt?

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Friday ,28 March 2014

Who is responsible for defaming Egypt?

I started writing this article after receiving two phone calls from an Austrian journalist and lawyer wondering about the judgment of Egyptian court to sentence 529 Egyptians opposing the military coup to death. All they know about those terrorist sentenced to death is that they oppose the coup!

Thinking about the judgment, it must have not considered the international reaction to such massive execution. Furthermore, is there anybody who’s responsible for taking care of international and local media, and reply for their questions? Egyptian officials all over the world are the ones who spontaneously answer such questions willing to defend their country, but their answers are usually unconvincing.
This made Representative for the International Court of Justice say that the rule of the judiciary in Egypt in this case is but a serious violation of the judiciary and International justice, and proves that the provisions of the Egyptian judiciary is politicized.
Even Obama who hardly has a conscience claims that such judgment against the Muslim Brotherhood is contrary to human conscience. Same was announced by the Secretary-General of the United Nations, as well as the French government.
If it’s true that the judge had lost his son in terrorist attack by the Muslim Brotherhood, in which his body was ‪distorted and threw it in front of his house, he should have not been the one working on this case.
Moreover, the huge number of people sentenced to death penalty shouldn’t have been issued all at once, as many people claim that even 20 judges would have not been able to study cases of 529 people in two days. 
Who is responsible for defaming Egypt this way? Why don’t we  find videos and documents proving the terrorization of those terrorists who spread chaos, sexually violated women, burned and looted public and private properties, kidnapped people for ransoms, tortured and killed many people!
Again: who is responsible for defaming Egypt this way? Is there any role to be performed by our embassies abroad? What kind of information and documents do they have to reply for the questions of the western media and human rights organizations? If we don’t have answers to such questions, we’re giving the Muslim Brotherhood a golden chance to turn over the facts and appear like innocent people.