• 10:23
  • Wednesday ,26 March 2014

Good or bad

Mina M. Azer

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Wednesday ,26 March 2014

Good or bad

It was strange coincidence that at the time the international organization of the Muslim Brotherhood planned to burn Egypt, one of its most dangerous terrorist cells belonging to Ansar al- Bayt al-Maqdis was arrested.

In fact, the Muslim Brotherhood and Ansar al- Bayt al-Maqdis never cared for Egypt and don’t mind destroying the homeland for their own interests.

They meant evil against the Egyptian people, but God meant it for good. They wanted Egypt to mourn at that day, but they are the ones who mourned. Police and security forces have struggled to arrest that cell of which five members were killed during the attack. Security forces lost two officers in the attack as well.

The terrorists decided to hide among the citizens as they couldn’t stand the attacks of the army at the desert. They used to take human shields in order to accuse the army of killing the civilians.

Dear reader, you can revert back to count how many attacks have been suffered by the international organization of the Muslim Brotherhood and realize how seriously the matter has been taken by the Egyptian Army. Therefore, the terrorists have decided to hide in the villages to be able to take human shields whenever they like.

Would they ever understand that as long as they mean evil against the Egyptian people, God means it for good? Would they understand that God wants this country to move forward and develop away from their retardation and fanaticism?