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  • Tuesday ,25 March 2014

Campus and the Grand Mosque in Mecca

Michel Fahmy

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Tuesday ,25 March 2014

Campus and the Grand Mosque in Mecca

Islamists and jihadists have recently grown more and more powerful in Egypt. One of these currents that has spread recently in Egypt is called Salafi. 

Those Wahabi Salafists have immigrated to Saudi Arabia after Nasser oppressed them in Egypt and were also oppressed there for their fanaticism and terrorism.
In 1979, a group of Wahhabis and members of the Muslim Brotherhood broke into the Grand Mosque in Mecca, following a Western plan to overthrow the ruling family in Saudi Arabia. It was said that bin Laden, Iran, and the United States were behind the group. On November 20, 1979, 500 people of different nationalities seized and occupied the Grand Mosque after they had smuggled weapons inside coffins. The battle began immediately after the dawn prayers and lasted for hours. One of the soldiers were killed to be the first bloodshed inside the Grand Mosque in Mecca.
It was considered a military coup as the leader of it was an officer at the National Guard. Saudi authorities asked Muslim scholars who issued fatwas to military face the coup. However, Saudi National Guard was not able to disperse the rebels, and 127 hostages were killed inside the Grand Mosque in Mecca.
On Tuesday, December 4th, 1979, special forces of Saudi, Egyptian and French soldiers were able to storm the Grand Mosque after bombing its gates. 300 rebels were killed in the fight that lasted all day long. The rest of the rebels were sentenced to death penalty and soon they were beheaded.
I tell you about this story as the Egyptian universities are on fire by members of the Muslim Brotherhood. Yet, the officials are not able to prevent such mess claiming that the campus is as holy as the Grand Mosque in Mecca. Now, do they realize what has actually happened at the real Grand Mosque in Mecca? 
Moreover, the Saudi Arabia has named the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group, but the Egyptian government is still thinking and thinking and thinking.