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  • Friday ,21 March 2014

Fair Election

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,22 March 2014

Fair Election

In the time we are close to the presidential election all political power call for fair election and that need the media to be fair with all candidates, the governmental TV should deal with all candidates without being biased to one on another.


Fair election shouldn’t neglect the importance of the transparency in spending the money during the campaign, without this transparency the election process will turn to be an acting process, we have to put into our consideration that the whole world will supervise the presidential election as the main step to go forward in the road map.
I appreciate what Sisi said when he mentioned that he respects all competitors in the election and that the election process shouldn’t be monopolized on just one person. We need real election not fake one. We need the candidates to feel the normal egyptian and has a vision of how can he solve the problems. 
Fair election should also mean not to insult each other to gain points. The candidates should respect each other in a way that let all egyptian admire them. I can understand that sometimes the elections need you to criticize but criticizing doesn’t mean at all to insult the other part to gain the election and as they say the game should be fair. 
We are going to see the most important thing in the future of Egypt next few days, that’s why we have to be careful in dealing with this challenge. All Egyptian are waiting the time for stability not for fighting. I wish all candidates understand the game and play fair.