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  • Thursday ,20 March 2014

On the anniversary of the battle of ballot boxes

Mina M. Azer

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Thursday ,20 March 2014

On the anniversary of the battle of ballot boxes

Three years ago, the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafis have invited the people to vote "yes" on their fanatic constitution draft, in which they drafted an Islamic constitution not caring for the homeland and hoping to convert it to an Islamic Caliphate. 75% voted "yes", which the Islamists named the battle of ballot boxes!

Since then, the Muslim Brotherhood has been only caring for boxes starting with ballot boxes to boxes of foodstuffs given as electoral bribes to achieve their political goals and evil dreams. Now, after they lost all support of the Egyptians and were removed from power by a public revolution, they hated these boxes and call to boycott the upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections.
Finally, they decided to replace these boxes by boxes containing weapons and gunpowder. They are able to mobilize the Egyptian people no more, but they are still able to pay for weapons. They are changing boxes and faces until they reached boxes of martyrs. They proudly call their terrorists martyrs and despise boxes of honorable martyrs of police and army. Knowing they must lose any elections soon, they decided to avoid such hopeless battle.
I wonder: why did the Muslim Brotherhood support the constitutional amendments of the former SCAF? Why did the SCAF make such deal with the Muslim Brotherhood? Who paid the price for such useless referendum, giving the bad condition of the Egyptian economy? 
Finally, let's contemplate about the battle of ballot boxes that brought the end of this sick regime. The same men who advocated this sick battle are now refusing to participate in the upcoming elections after their masks had fallen.