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  • Wednesday ,19 March 2014

Saudi Arabia teaching a lesson in management

Michel Fahmy

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Wednesday ,19 March 2014

Saudi Arabia teaching a lesson in management

Saudi Arabia has taken two actions by which it taught both the Egyptian government and America a hard lesson. Saudi Arabia has taken steadfast steps against terrorism of the Muslim Brotherhood as soon as its national security was threatened. His Majesty King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz issued a royal decree to ban the activities of the terrorist group and its supporters all over the world pointing out to the international organization of the terrorist group.

Meanwhile, the Egyptian government has taken too much time to take similar decision and punish the group that targets its police, army and all state institutions.
Second, Saudi Arabia has immediately withdrew the Saudi ambassador from the mini-state of Qatar and closed Al-Jazeera TV stopping it from working in the Kingdom for their cooperation and support for the terrorist group. On the other hand, the Egyptian Foreign Minister was not able even to withdraw the Egyptian ambassador in Qatar. But he was only able to extend the vacation of Egypt's ambassador! 
With the popular demands to cut diplomatic ties with the small state of Qatar, the Ambassador was only asked to extend his vacation to avoid a decision to withdraw the Egyptian ambassador from the State of enemies. 
However, Saudi Arabia has taken that decision to support Egypt and to teach her a lesson about administration and the strong will that Egypt and its government lack.
Furthermore, Saudi Arabia has issued such decree days before Obama arrived to the Kingdom. He was indeed to ask for a break for the Muslim Brotherhood, but now he can't talk about it or he would be classified as an international criminal according to the law. I hope that Egypt will be able to do the same.