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  • Friday ,14 March 2014

He was not alone

Mina M. Azer

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Friday ,14 March 2014

He was not alone

Al-Ahram Egyptian newspaper published news about the isolation of representative of Qatar at the meeting of Arab foreign ministers. How come Al-Ahram claims such nonsense?

In Fact, journalism is about telling people the truth, not what you wish to say. It has nothing to do with the satisfaction of the readers. Thus, it’s unacceptable to fake news in order to satisfy the reader. Moreover, it was no logical that representative of Qatar was lonely in the meeting for several reasons.
It’s known that Qatar is not the only Arab country that supports the Muslim Brotherhood. Tunisia, for instance, is a big fan of the Muslim Brotherhood, just like Qatar and its government belongs to the international organization of the Muslim Brotherhood. Many countries can’t irritate Qatar, in order to avoid the American wrath, just like Iraq. Other countries like Libya are about to be governed by the Muslim Brotherhood. Oman, Yemen and Sudan prefer to be neutral and are not interested in upsetting Qatar. 
The truth is that Qatar is supported by both Arab and non-Arab countries. Even if all of the Arab countries decide to leave it alone, other strong countries like America , Turkey and Israel, are still willing to support the Muslim Brotherhood and Qatar.
Furthermore, political relations among many Arab countries prevents Qatar from being alone. In any case, the real test comes on March 25,26 in Kuwait where the Arab summit will be held. Then, Qatar has to choose; either to be an Arab country, or to stay isolated forever. Yet, Qatar is but a tool to achieve goals and interests of bigger countries that will never leave it alone.