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  • Thursday ,13 March 2014

Al Sissi supporter’s anti-Obama rant goes viral


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Thursday ,13 March 2014

Al Sissi supporter’s anti-Obama rant goes viral

A passionate, albeit grammatically incorrect, rant against US President Barack Obama has gone viral on social media.

An unidentified Egyptian woman giving an interview with a local TV station tells the US president in broken English, “Listen your Obama. We are Egyptian women. You are listen Obama. Shut up your mouse (mouth) Obama. Shut up your mouse Obama. Sissi yes. Sissi yes. Mursi no. Mursi no.”
Army Chief General Abdul Fattah Al Sissi is poised to announce his candidacy for presidency at anytime and is widely expected to win.
It was under his tenure as army chief that the army overthrew the Islamist presidency of Mohammad Mursi, a Muslim Brotherhood official, whose election deeply polarised Egyptian society.
Following Mursi’s ouster, the US last year announced a temporary freeze on military assistance to Egypt, disrupting the historically close diplomatic relationship.
The Egyptian media was outraged at what they viewed as American support of the Brotherhood and began a massive media campaign to demonise American foreign policy in Egypt and peg President Barack Obama as a meddler in Egypt’s internal affairs.
It is unclear exactly why the video has gone viral, but Facebook and Twitter users quickly shared and retweeted the clip. There are already T-shirts being printed and meme’s being created to reflect the woman’s rant. A remix has also been created featuring the unknown woman’s tirade against a backdrop of techno beats.