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  • Friday ,07 March 2014

Terrorists working under police protection!

By-Ashraf Helmy

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Friday ,07 March 2014

Terrorists working under police protection!

In all attacks against the Coptic Christians in Egypt, police usually arrest the victims and leave the terrorists free. This has been happening since Koshh attack in December 31, 1999, in which 20 Copts were killed under the auspices of of police and none has been sentenced yet. This encouraged those bastards to carry out more terrorist attacks against the Christians.

So, the one responsible for such attacks against Christians, especially in Upper Egypt, is the Ministry of Interiors. After two revolutions in which the Egyptians demanded freedom and social justice, the police cooperate with terrorists against Christians. Such cooperation was crystal clear in the recent massacre against Christian family in Alexandria.
Perhaps, the recent attack by Islamists against a sixty-two-years-old Copt called Kamel Saleh Gad who was attacked, shot, and  then dragged him in the streets. His house was robbed and demolished. After all, police handcuffed him in hospital as if he were a criminal!
Thus, I do not blame the terrorists, but Egypt’s interim president, Adly Mansour, who ignored the law that he,  as a judge, knows very well. His government hasn’t protected the Copts from such terrorists and allowed many thugs to collect tributes and royalties from the Copts in order to allow them live humiliated, I mean in peace. Additionally, many Coptic minors were kidnapped in order to be forced to convert to Islam or to receive ransoms and finance further terrorist attacks!
Therefore, other attacks are expected against Christians under the new government of Mr. Mehleb who decided to keep Mohamed Ibrahim, the Interior Minister whose forces attacked the great Cathedral of St. Mark, for the first time in history and left more than a hundred church to be burnt alone! 
Having no equality, social justice, and security in Egypt will surly bring a third revolution soon in order to get rid of the Islamists and eliminate their supporters in the government. This government that doesn’t punish the terrorists for killing its people!